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Book set "Discover Ukraine"
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Book set "Discover Ukraine" (TBUTBIBBB)

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«Travelbook. Ukraine", "Travelbook. Independent," and "Unconquered. The Big Book Of Bravery" in one set! After reading three books, you will assemble a complex but soul-sucking puzzle - "What it's like to be Ukrainian".

Three books are like three journeys through the milestones of our Motherland:

"Travelbook. Ukraine" —1200 unusual facts about Ukraine and Ukrainians. It contains not only the most amazing but also the most important things to know about Ukraine: unique places to visit, cultural achievements, outstanding personalities, and turning points that influenced the course of history and the life of every Ukrainian.

"Travelbook. Independent" — a nostalgic book. About the times when the first Snickers and Coca-Cola appeared on store shelves, when "injected oranges" were handed out to the right and left, or when rashist were served with "Banderiv smoothie" from the heart. From 1991 to 2022 is our and your journey through modern Ukrainian Independence.

«Unconquered. The Big Book Of Bravery» is the world's first large-scale illustrated publication about the biggest war in Europe since WWII. We collected 500+ facts about the war, its causes, our victories and painful defeats, and people about whom films are already being made. A publication that has absorbed Ukrainian Invincibility.

These are books for family reading, from 1 to 99+.