КаталогThe Big Book of the Olympics. Summer edition.
The Big Book of the Olympics. Summer edition.
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The Big Book of the Olympics. Summer edition. (OLYMPICS)

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The true stories about the Olympic Games from antiquity to nowadays in the first large-scale illustrated book.
When you open The Big Book of Olympics, you will immediately feel like an expert in sports and even a record holder. You will learn about countries, names, and records you have never heard of.
We have carefully collected more than 750 fascinating visual facts about the role of sports in the world. Faster, Higher, Stronger - Together! You will be the first to know:
- How 32 Olympic Games have been uniting the world for over 125 years.
- The history of the Summer Olympics from ancient Greece to Tokyo.
- About the games that did not take place during the wars.
We don’t like to write a lot—we respect each reader's time. Maybe someday we will print the memoirs of an old Olympic fan. But for now, we want to show off our unique character design and illustrations.

If you are between 10 and 110 years old, then yes! Books & Cartoons work in the edutainment format - learning new things through entertainment. Spend an hour with "The Big Book of Olympics," and you will feel like a genius in the field of the greatest sports competition on Earth.

32 incredibly illustrated spreads about the Summer Olympic Games from ancient times to Tokyo 2020. And even those Olympic Games that humanity missed. Where each fact "lives" in the company of an illustration and a short, mesmerizing text.