КаталогUnconquered. The Big Book Of Bravery
Unconquered. The Big Book Of Bravery
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Unconquered. The Big Book Of Bravery (978-617-95306-0-9)

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"Unconquered. The Big Book Of Bravery" - the bravest story written by 44 million Ukrainians. The first illustrated book about the biggest war in Europe since WWII.
Millions of goosebumps live in the Big Book Of Bravery that will spread all over your skin as soon as you open the book. Books & Cartoons collected 500 facts about the war, which will become a lesson for the whole planet:
- 25 spreads about superhuman feats that will motivate you to live and go on to victory.
- Sensational details and screw-ups that the news is afraid to report.
- Events that will be studied in history lessons.
- People about whom films are already being made.

"Unconquered. The Big Book Of Bravery" is our message to the entire world. We explain the causes of the war and the battle that began five centuries ago, unveil real russia and why it is doomed to defeat, unmask how russian propaganda works and why you, too, became its victim, and finally clarify why Ukrainians and russians are not one people.
The leading artists of Ukraine worked in extreme conditions so that you can immerse yourself in history with us. So that you can "become infected" with intemperance and bravery. Each fact "lives" in the company of an illustration, and a short, mesmerizing text.