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A head-spinning animation about the important.
Hello! We create visual books and cartoons:) The multis can be viewed for free on the YouTube channel, and the books can be purchased below.
Our illustrations are like puzzles; no matter how much you look at them, you will always find something new and cool. And here, we will share mind-blowing curiosities - something special that you can always have with you. Don't stop, keep scrolling :)
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But that's not all! Look what we create together with our partners.

Board game TIMELINE


"History", "date" and "interesting" in the same sentence - sounds like something incredible? So it is! Because "Timeline" is an incredibly interesting and exciting game about the history of Ukraine.The rules are simple: choose a starting point — Lay out the events on the timeline — Check your knowledge. Those who are not lost in time will win!
Language: Ukrainian

890 UAH



We are waiting for a pixel can to be changed to an embroidered one, and in the meantime, we are protecting Ukraine!

The cup "Unconquered" symbolizes the protection of life and memory of what makes us Ukrainians. We are ready to fight, we value freedom, we love and respect our family. Therefore, it is not just a cup! It's an inspiration to start and end the day with any drink. A gift to those who work for victory: volunteers, soldiers, rescuers, and everyone we owe peace and life to.

450 UAH

Set of patches UNCONQUERED


"Unconquered" patches are a symbolic gift to friends who defend the Motherland, volunteers, and just anyone in memory of these difficult years of our history. They can be added to clothes, a bag, a waist bag, or a backpack, demonstrating your fighting spirit.

Important! If there is no special fabric for attaching the patches on the clothes, you can cut the base of the required size, sew it to the clothes or bag, and attach the patch thereto.

450 UAH

Desktop calendar Travel to Ukraine


"Travel to Ukraine" is a year-long travel calendar!
Every day, an exciting discovery from history and the present awaits you: key events, cultural features, economy, geography, personalities, and much more.
This is a great educational gift with a patriotic feel!

365 interesting facts about Ukraine!
Flip-up, on rings, without binding to the year. Cardboard gift box.
Language: Ukrainian

590 UAH

Set of stickers LET US BE


Symbols reminding of Ukrainian indomitability!
A set of stickers "Let Us Be" are characters, symbols of our strength and future victory. Ghost of Kyiv, Holy Javelin, Zaluzhny with the cat, Father-our-Bander - they are all with us, all for us! And they can become your inspiration for everyday things.

70 UAH

Set of stickers INVINCIBLE


Symbols reminding of Ukrainian indomitability!

A set of "Invincible" stickers about our everyday life in the war: overnights in the subway, days without lights, the leopard flash mob, and other pages of history after February 24. They remind you that Ukrainians are invincible and can become your inspiration in everyday things.

70 UAH

Set of postcards STEEL PEOPLE


Keep the memory of the important moments of the war and the heroes who are making history right now!
"This day has come..."
Serhiy Prytula, founder of the charity fund that supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine and war victims. Successfully collects millions for tanks and bayraktars.
"The armed forces will stop where our interests end"
Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council. I am sure that compromises are impossible when it comes to the integrity of the state.
"How will the war end? With the SVictory of Ukraine".
Oleksiy Reznikov, Minister of Defense of Ukraine. Worthily represents our country on the international stage.
"Steel People" are the legendary defenders of Mariupol from Azovstal. The ones we admire and are proud of.

160 UAH

Set of postcards COMMON GOAL


Keep the memory of the important moments of the war and the heroes who are making history right now!
"Ukraine rests on our shoulders"
Valery Zaluzhnyi, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Leads us to victory, and enemies to the next world.
"Read the lips: without you."
Volodymyr Zelenskyi, the sixth president of Ukraine. An inspiring and uncompromising leader created by Ukrainians.
"What is my superpower? I am Ukrainian"
Olena Zelenska, First Lady of Ukraine. Demonstrates by her example the indomitability of femininity during the war.
"We share a common goal: Ukraine must win"
Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Our guarantor of support for allies.

160 UAH



We are waiting for the time when a pixel can be changed to embroidery, but in the meantime, we are protecting Ukraine on all fronts!

The "Helmet" pin symbolizes life protection and the memory of what makes us Ukrainians. Pin on clothes, a bag, a waist bag, or a backpack that will show your fighting spirit.

250 UAH



The enemy has no chance because we are a nation of invincibles. Let this pin-stripe remind you and the world of this.

Pin on clothes, a bag, a waist bag, or a backpack that will show your fighting spirit.

250 UAH



Why are you so frowning? Wait a little, Taras, we are fulfilling your will!

Many Ukrainian monuments had to be hidden from destruction during the full-scale war. All of them are part of our culture, which we protect just like borders. We are sure that soon we will see the monuments at total height, but for now we are doing everything to win!

Pin on clothes, a bag, a waist bag, or a backpack that will show your fighting spirit.

250 UAH


- - - - -

So that even in complete darkness, you want to sing "The holiday is coming!" and believe even more in the invincibility of Ukrainians.And we, together with Podollyanochka, created such a gift!
Meet the storyteller hippopotamus! In the stars' voices (who dubbed your favorite Travelbook on YouTube), he will tell fantastical and unreal events from Ukrainian history and even rap.Each hippopotamus is unique and handcrafted. Everyone will have a piece of magic with which you can listen to stories. And if you put your smartphone to our logo on a t-shirt, you can even see it.
So that even when there is no light in your house, children (and adults too - the hippopotamus will tell a lot of very interesting details) will be warmed and inspired by incredible, but real stories.

2900 UAH